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starbucks cha cha latte

Cha Cha Latte | Starbucks Secret Menu

Matcha green tea and chai may seem like an unlikely combination but the flavors compliment each other perfectly.  The simple substitution goes a long way in terms of taste and gives the original green tea latte an extra kick!

Enjoy this beverage hot or iced, it’s wonderful in any form!

Here’s the recipe:

  • Matcha Green Tea Latte
  • Add chai syrup, regular or Oprah (1 pump tall, 1.5 grande, 2 venti)
  • No classic syrup

Thanks to Starbucks partner, the lovely Kaylyn M. for creating and sharing this amazing recipe with us. If you have a favorite recipe not listed already, send it to starbuckssecretmenu [at] and it could be featured on the site!

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