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It Frappuccino
Photo via @warrentonroadstarbucks Instagram

It the movie seems to have taken the world by storm this Halloween! The white faced clown with red hair holding a red balloon was met with great reviews and much popularity and we’re sure we’ll be seeing the costume a lot this season!

While we weren’t brave enough to watch the movie ourselves, we did give this It Frappuccino a try and love the combination as a less scary and more tasty Halloween treat.

Interested in giving this spooky slushy beverage a try?

Here’s the recipe:

  • Vanilla Bean Frappuccino
  • Top with strawberry purée and whipped cream

Simple to order and luckily for us, available all year round! You’ll love IT! (pun intended)

Starbucks It Frappuccino
Photo via @tangweiai

Zombie Frappuccino and It Frappuccino! This year’s Halloween Frappuccinos.

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