Starbucks Secret Menu: Rainbow Sherbet Frappuccino

rainbow sherbet frappuccino

Starbucks Secret Menu: Rainbow Sherbet Frappuccino

This tasty beverage was designed by Drew M of the Coldorado and Los Robles Starbucks in Pasadena, and like most great things was discovered by accident.

It’s fruity, refreshing and tastes a lot like Rainbow Sherbet!

Here’s the recipe (for a grande):

  • Strawberries and Creme Frappuccino made with orange refresher instead of strawberry purée
  • Add one pump of Peach Syrup
  • Add one pump of Raspberry Syrup
  • One scoop of Vanilla Bean Powder
  • Three pumps of Crème Base
  • Add ice and blend

Big thanks to Drew for sharing this recipe! If you have a secret recipe you’d like to share, send it into starbuckssecretmenu [at] and we’ll add it to the site!

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