Starbucks Secret Menu: The Bomb! Frappuccino

the bomb frappuccino

Starbucks Secret Menu: The Bomb! Frappuccino

Here’s a special beverage sent in by California Barista Jessica S.! It’s a secret menu drink she created for customers wanting a Frappuccino completely different from the others. It was such a big hit at her store that it was even nicknamed, The Bomb!

The drink has a strong flavor of espresso with a very creamy blend, yet a sweet touch of Starbuck’s caramel sauce.

Take note that the preparation of this beverage is not standard by any means, so thorough explanation of the recipe is necessary.

Here’s the recipe as written by Jessica:

  • Order heavy whipping cream (not whipped cream) blended with only cream base and ice
  • Have the barista add 3 pumps of caramel sauce to the bottom of the cup, then pour the blend into the cup and add a shot of espresso
  • Top with whipped cream and crumble topping

Big thanks to Jessica for sharing this amazing recipe with us! If you have a secret beverage you’d like to share, send it in  to starbuckssecretmenu [at] Attach a photo if you have one!

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