Sunset Refresher | Starbucks Secret Menu

Sunset Refresher

Sunset Refresher | Starbucks Secret Menu

As the days get shorter and the sun begins hiding behind clouds and rain, we need to get creative to find ways to brighten up the day.

A colorful and delicious drink in hand is a wonderful way to make the day more cheery! That and a great photo opportunity for Instagram too.

This citrus-y beverage is refreshing and not too sweet!

Here’s the recipe:

  • Cool Lime Refresher to the first line
  • Lemonade to the second line and a few pieces of lime
  • Top up with ice and black tea

Thanks to Alex for sending in this awesome looking recipe and photo! If you have a secret recipe you’d like to share, send it to recipes [at] and it could be featured on the site! Please attach a photo if you have one ????

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